Married Women

September 12, 2008  |  Exhibitions, In Focus 2008

Ola Buczkowska and Karolina Bregula „Married Women“
12 09 2008 – 01 10 2008
Gallery „Znad Willi“
Partners: Polish Culture Institute in Vilnius, Lodz Art Centre, Gallery “Program” in Warsaw.

The photographs present both the fleshy physical and the sensitive emotion between the two artists. The video places them into a framework that illuminates their relationships with men.

The photographs both radiate femininity and suggest intimate constraints between its creators. When studying the double self-portraits of a life at home, one can see the inscriptions of daily life – everything from touch to connection, sadness to happiness, and mutual understanding to dreams. The photographs intensify spaces of femininity. Scenes connected with pleasure and relaxation, outweigh any remaining scenes.

The photographs both radiate femininity and suggest intimate constraints between its creators.

The video displays a rare chance at voyeurism with its ability to tap into the always- concealed world women. In a sense, the piece is an autobiographical work about love and friendship and a piece in which limits disappear. The photographs concentrate on mere fragments of the women’s bodies and faces, in separate or communal relation to one another. The subtle nude colors make the pictures simulate the surface of one’s skin and therefore prove to be unusually sensual. The style of composition shows only fragments of its character’s lives, leaving the viewer with a longing and understanding with that of the artist’s sentiment.

In the video, the women are able to eliminate their respective men and therefore only suggest their presence in the film. Their strategy, similarly to their subject matter, is saturated with sensitivity. Compositions are taken from unusual points of view and include ample space. Artists reveal and hide simultaneously. Although the pieces are scattered frames of film, one can create various narrations of both closeness and eroticism in its space but is ultimately reminded of this shared closeness between two women. In the duality of their relationship, the artists were not only able to uncover an array of aesthetics but also a warmth of the body, a space in the home and most of all, a protection from the loneliness and affirmation of intimacy.

Text © Paweł Leszkiewicz

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