IN FOCUS – International Art Photography Festival In Vilnius

Vilnius, where photography was started barely half a year later than in France has never had an art photography festival before 2008.

Art photography festivals have already become a tradition in various cities around the world. These festivals, where theoretical and practical dialogs take place, established it-selves as the heart of art photography where the old tendencies of photography are discovered all over again and new trends are born. Vilnius – the city with a unique historical and cultural history – must not exception.

The first International Art Photography Festival in Vilnius took place in September, 2008. During this time photographs of 53 authors from Belgium, Great Britain, Iceland, Japan, France, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Germany and Lithuania were exhibited in ten expositions. You can read more about IN FOCUS 2008 here.

In September 2010, the second International Art Photography Festival IN FOCUS invites you to Vilnius.

Photo © Arturas Valiauga