Contemporary French Photography

September 3, 2008  |  Exhibitions, In Focus 2008

Photo © Emilia Stefani-Law

Photo © Veronique Hequet Grotard

Emilia Stefani-Law and Veronique Hequet-Grotard
Contemporary French Photography
Curator: Eglė Deltuvaitė
03 09 2008 – 21 09 2008
Vilnius Photography Gallery

Emilia Stefani-Law’s series “Callestienne” and Veronique-Hequete Grotard’s “Among Oneself: Portraits for Self-Discovery” are personal stories that reflect the search for one’s own self.

These photographs have a scent of some mild insanity; here, loneliness, pain, fears, childhood, femininity, and that something which can hardly be put in words are intertwined in a stretched time.

The basis of this exhibition is precisely that – strong experiences that can’t be expressed in words, yet are conveyed using the language of photography. They should be viewed with one’s heart, rather than with one’s mind. The authors’ courage to disclose the hidden corners of their souls fascinates as much as it frightens. One feels as if watching something one isn’t supposed to know through the keyhole. The private environment mesmerizes and glows with, alternately, melancholy and an almost tangible desire for life.

Text © Eglė Deltuvaitė

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