Main activities of Culture Menu:

– publishes various publications of continuous artistic and cultural value;
– organizes art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad;
– organizes international art photography festival IN FOCUS and other different culture and education projects;
– represents Lithuanian and foreign artists in various fields of their activity;
– Mediates between artists and public, private sectors, as well as international organizations and institutions;
– Organizes and participates in various trainings, courses, seminars, creativity workshops, conferences and other sorts of educational and representative programmes;
– Consults artists, culture operators and other natural and legal persons in culture management matters;
– collects, keeps and spreads the information about artists and their activities;
– preserves artists’ creative legacy;
– collaborates with other organizations in Lithuania and foreign countries to achieve its objectives.;

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For artists:

– Consulting in preparing projects, organizing the portfolio;
– submitting application forms and budgets for Lithuanian and foreign funds, residency programs, competitions and festivals and ect;
– curating exhibitions in Lithuania and foreign countries or mediating in this process;
– publishing books/catalogues/broshures of artists’ or group projects;
– organising trainings about cultural projects’ management singularities;
– collecting and keeping information about artists;
– mediation and collaboration in other fields of artist’s activities.

For public sector representatives:

– curating group, thematic and personal exhibitions – from authors’ selection till the opening;
– lease of expositions in Lithuania and abroad;
– editing of representative and cultural publications – from the idea of the publication till the presentation;
– management of separate parts of the project;
– mediation and collaboration in other fields of organization’s activities.

For private companies:

– Creation, production and presentation of representative expositions about the company;
– Art pieces and photographs for the image of the company, interiors, representative official presents;
– lease and sales of art;
– editing of representative catalogues, flyers and other publications – from the idea till the presentation;
– mediation and collaboration in other fields of company’s activities.