The prehistory of Culture Menu reaches back more than 10 years – international and local exhibitions, publishing, education projects and continuous mediation with Lithuanian and international organizations, artists, curators and coordinators goes constantly.

Forthcoming one year anniversary of Culture Menu marks not only the ambition of professional culture management, but also the proof, that it is the time not only to participate and initiate, but also, as our successful experience proved, to administrate cultural projects.

There is nothing impossible in our every day menu.
Everything is possible, if what we do is important for all of us.

Lets’ start our project!

Eglė Deltuvaitė

Photo © Arturas Valiauga

Culture Menu objectives:
– strengthen the position of culture and artists in the society by various means;
– intermediate between artists, culture operators and other public and state organisations;
– provide professional and effective culture management services in all activity fields;
– uphold best traditions in culture publishing;
– encourage society’s critical thinking and promote the knowledge of Lithuanian and world culture;
– meet actual issues of today’s society by the language of art and culture;
– represent Lithuanian art and culture.

Design of Culture Menu logo by:
Ulrich Beck